Welcome to the Ogun State Land Administration and Revenue Management System (OLARMS).

Accessing Ogun State land information and services made easier.

Welcome to the Ogun State Land Administration and Revenue Management System (OLARMS).

Accessing Ogun State land information and services made easier.

Land Allocation

Start your application for a Goverment Allocation.

Property Registration Programme

Start your application to regularize your property, if it is within an Ogun State Government Acquisition.


Start the process to complete an existing Home Owner's Charter Application.

Bill Payment

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C of O Application

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AGRIC Services

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Transaction Tracking

Check the current status of your application(s).

Private C of O

Get your C of O on land not owned via Government Allocation.

Governor’s Consent

Apply for Consent before your Land Transaction.

Land Ratification

Easy steps to Surrender your Deemed right of Occupancy.

Land Search

Conduct Land Search before you proceed with that land transaction.

Housing Services

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To steward Ogun State's land resources to ensure for the present and future prosperity of her people.


Be a trustworthy and accessible digital platform providing matchless quality in the administration of land products and services in Ogun State.

Core Values

To administer our services transparently and efficiently, reducing waiting times and improving revenue generation.

History of Ogun State Land Administration & Revenue Management System (OLARMS)

The Ogun State Land Administration & Revenue Management System (OLARMS) was launched in 2021 to be an effective land administration platform that will improve and simplify land administrative processes in Ogun State. Diligent management of the state’s land is an essential part of the development and planning, to steward the present and future wealth, wellbeing, and prosperity of the people of Ogun State.

By making the process of registering property, obtaining government permits, and establishing a single registry for transactions, OLARMS will improve the ease of dealing with the Ogun State concerning property and land. OLARMS makes publicly accessible information on ownership of lands and properties centralized and easy to use.


Ogun State has a rich history of agriculture, thanks to the history of the indigenous Yoruba people. There are 1.2 million hectares of arable land in Ogun State, 74% of the State’s total land area. Fertile, with plenty of natural rainfall and waterways, the area is ideal for both small-scale and commercial farming. With the OLARMS portal, finding appropriate land to lease or buy for agricultural projects has never been easier.


Meticulous management of land resources is essential to build people’s future. With the investment in OLARMS, it is easier to locate, plan, assess and obtain permits for land use in Ogun State. The current and planned investments in infrastructure and transport make this state an ideal location for businesses. With rail and road transport between many of the country’s biggest commercial and business hubs, Ogun State is well-located for organizations to capitalize on its proximity and maximize its lower costs of doing business.

Property Registration Programme (PRP)

Ogun State requires ALL structures to be documented, licensed, and registered to safeguard the community through inspections, allocate adequate resources, as well as enforce fees, taxes, and fines. The Property Registration Programme (PRP) will regularise illegal structures, ensuring the state has an accurate assessment of existing structures and boundaries.

This will limit further encroachment as the state uses the information to create a roadmap, allowing the government to properly plan development and conservation, as well as generate revenue for current and future development of the state. The state will register, inspect, assess fees, and issue a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for all structures within its boundaries.

PRP Fees

SN Acquisition Residential Assessment Range/Plot Commercial Assessment Range/Plot
1 Application Payment ₦10,000.00 ₦10,000.00
2 Submission Payment – (Down/Part Payment required) ₦50,000.00 ₦50,000.00
3 LUD Site 1 Ilaro Bungalow -₦350,000.00
Two floor - ₦375,000.00
Above Two floors - ₦400,000.00
4 Abeokuta Secretariat
Complex A
Bungalow - ₦600,000.00
Two floor - ₦700,000.00
Above Two floors - ₦850,000.00
5 Sagamu/Ogijo Road
Bungalow - ₦400,000.00
Two floor - ₦450,000.00
Above Two floors - ₦500,000.00
6 New Town Acquisition Bungalow - ₦600,000.00
Two floor - ₦700,000.00
Above Two floors - ₦800,000.00

PRP: Additional Information

Required Documents Checklist

  • 3 (three) copies of the provisional survey plan prepared by a registered surveyor
  • 3 (three) photocopies of land title document
  • 5 (five) copies of architectural drawings
  • 5 (five) copies of structural drawings
  • 1 (one) copy of photograph of building
  • 4 (four) passport photographs with a white background

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